The Mill
of Vincelles
  Michele and Patrice LANKAR

Room of spectacle and reception
Cocktail-reception and evenings turn-key
Bar with Thèmes
To dine
To lunch
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The mill of Vincelles whose origins are older than the revolution was transformed into room of reception and animation to ensure it the success of all your events...

Since its restoration, the mill offers four splendid rooms of reception (50 m², 100 m², 150 m² and 250 m²).

The mill preserves all its architectural seal and its power thanks to a contemporary development which gives to the place a rare atmosphere.

In the rooms lit with taste, you will be able to find the heat, the originality and the style which will be appropriate for all types of events: Marriage - Engagement - Baptism - Anniversary - Presentations of collections - Midnight suppers - Seminars - Balls - Evenings with topics - etc.

Our authentic kitchen, carried out in the code of practice and the tradition, as well as a cordial reception will ensure the success of your reception.

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